The range of products with a CE marking comprises the majority of our activities. With these products we want to contribute to a green and eco-friendly environment so the next generation can inherit a liveable environment. As a specialist in all underground articles, BEPOPLAST produces septic and rainwater tanks for domestic and industrial use. We also manufacture the inspection chambers (PVC) built into the sewer system. Not only for collecting rainwater, but we also have the right products for filtering, reusing and transporting water (PVC pipes and fittings). The assortment also includes kitchen and bathroom grease separators and professional kitchen degreasers for the catering industry. BEPOPLAST specialises in small-scale water purification units. Everyone (private persons and companies) not connected to the public sewer system is obliged to purify his wastewater before drainage. Oil and petrol separators (car parks, garages, transport companies, petrol stations, etc.) are included in this list, as this also needs to be filtered from wastewater before drainage.